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Food seasoning is one of the indispensable ingredients in the food processing process. It makes the food taste more delicious, more attractive, contributing to the difference between dishes. Understanding and using the right spices is also a cooking secret of housewives.

Today, with the support of modern machinery and production technology, the processing, mixing, preservation and use of spices are made easier. To meet consumer demand for spices, many companies specializing in the production of spices were born, including HUONGDANNAUAN.NET Production Trading Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003, HUONGDANNAUAN.NET has been operating for 14 years in the production of food spices, specializing in the production and processing of prestigious food seasonings. At first, HUONGDANNAUAN.NET was just a small production facility created by Ong Tran, the main products were just a few common condiments such as Thai hot pot, seafood hot pot, sour hot pot, Braised beef seasoning, Curry seasoning, Barbecue seasoning, Black soy sauce, chili pepper, shrimp satay, Shrimp salt, Meat seasoning, Shrimp seasoning, mushroom seasoning, pork fried rice, seaweed dried rice, hot pot vegetarian thai, vegetarian marinade, passion fruit sauce,…

Especially receive processing spices on request,…


After the process of learning new production technology and accumulated experience, HUONGDANNAUAN.NET Production Trading Co., Ltd. has now launched more than 30 kinds of spice products of all kinds such as . To ensure product quality, HUONGDANNAUAN.NET attaches great importance to the selection of raw materials originating from nature, as well as to proactively source quality raw materials for production.

HUONGDANNAUAN.NET also pays great attention to packaging and product design. To meet the diverse needs of consumers, HUONGDANNAUAN.NET offers a variety of products, including large and small packages.

Currently, through the network of Sieu thi, phantom dentists, agents, and grapes, HUONGDANNAUAN.NET’s spice products have been present throughout the country. The company’s long-term development strategy is to expand overseas markets to introduce and promote to international friends the unique flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.